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Mrs Bell, a Victorain woman  Lived in Su

Silk Banner Workshop @ETR

Journaling is an ancient tradition,  Successful people throughout history have kept journals. Oscar Wilde, 19th century playwright, said: “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.”

Journaling has demonstrated positive benefits to an individuals overall sense of wellbeing. Join Steve Watts, Head of the School of Culture at the University of Sunderland, to unlock your inner diarist.


Last football crowd to cross Wearmoth Br

 Drawing Workshop @ETR

 Sunderland Stories

 Sporting Reminiscence Sessions @ETR

Girl with Tablet

Ipad and Android for beginners @ETR

Struggling with new technologies and not quite sure how to use your ipad or tablet? Then these workshops are just for you. Learn the basics, feel confident navigating your way around your ipad/tablet and unlock your potential!  This is a 5 week course. Book now

Artist Kathryn Robertsonmural740.jpg

Kathryn is a freelance illustrator and muralist based in Sunderland. She works across print based and digital mediums,is skilled in graphic design, creative typography and illustration. She has produced the striking art work and illustrations for the ETR and other Sunderland initiatives including Rebel Women. Book your place on this creative workshop.

Pop along and enjoy looking back and talking about Sunderland's greatest passion... Football!

The Fans Museum Sunderland have a unique collection of items that will trigger all those memories of the 'Roker Roar', the highs and the lows of every Sunderland fan.

Family History on the Internet @ ETR

For beginners or experienced researchers who want to use the Internet to trace their family tree and discover how their ancestors lived in times past. We will look at the various types of resources that can be found online. This is a 10 week WEA course for beginners. Follow the link bellow to book your place,

Journaling for wellbeing @ETR

You are invited to come along and attend the silk banner workshops to develop ideas for the creation and design of our silk banners that will represent the history and  heritage of Sunderland and the Elephant Tea Room. These new silk banners will be used in our new Local @ETR.

MBC Arts will facilitate the sessions.

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