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The Elephant Tea Room: Past, Present and Future.

Exciting times ahead for one of Sunderland’s most visually iconic buildings!

The elephants atop of the Frank Caws Elephant Tea Room Building are beginning to rumble again, getting ready to trumpet the beginning of an exciting new development.

To mark this move, and exciting new development for Sunderland, the City Library Services have teamed up with The Regional Oral History Centre: Living History North East and audio producer Jay Sykes (of the “ArtyParti” and “Speak Up Sunderland” podcasts), to help to bring this building back to life as a brand new podcast series! Together, we’ll celebrate this brilliant building’s vibrant and history and heritage.

“An Elephant Never Forgets” - a brand new podcast series, launching in 2020.

These will soon be available for download as a new original podcast series in 2020, and also as part of the Speak Up Sunderland podcast.  The episodes will be showcased at live events in the Frank Caws Elephant Tea Rooms Building, where we will continue to collect more memories.


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